YOGA CADENCE Private Yoga Class (60 minutes)


A one hour private YOGA CADENCE class.

One - to - one ZOOM class (or in person for residents of Oberlin, OH) = $80

One - to- one IN PERSON class = $95

Book of 5 ZOOM classes = $380

Book of 5 IN PERSON classes = $450

Book of 10 ZOOM classes = $700

Book of 10 IN PERSON classes = $830

An offering of a moment of peace from your daily agenda -- a moment to be present in your own body and breath to find grounding, strength and calm. A moment to re-connect to your inner strength, find space for hope, and use your body as the tool to truly feel, breathe, and witness your mental and emotional process.

Through awareness, we tap into the strength and resilience that is at our core. As we challenge our body, we notice our mind's response, and can choose to resist or soften. We witness, we breathe, we release, and we peel away the layers until we reach the place of Truth within us. Some days it's easy, some days it's hard, some days joy emerges, some days sadness, but it is the daily practice without expectation, only awareness, that slowly connects us to that deeper SELF.

The work is ours, and ours alone. It is a practice. A practice, that allows us to tap into our resilience, compassion, vulnerability, strength and ultimately the peace that is our birthright. Our miraculous, unique body is the vessel for our spirit, so as we connect to, honor and challenge it we are able to slow the mind, and hear the whisper housed inside -- our true voice. We begin to live from the inside out.